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Well I’m still taking my extended break from blogging but I wanted to give you all an update on what’s been happening in our crazy corner of the world. I am still out there bargin hunting¬† and stockpiling on all the great deals out there thanks to the oh so fabulous bloggers out there! In our family however, we have had a bit of a change we are expecting our 3rd baby next February! That’s right – I’m pregnant! 6 weeks along today to be exact! And unfortunately I’ve already begun my battle with morning sickness (right on schedule of course) and hopefully in about 8 weeks it’ll pass!

We are very excited about the coming addition but I can’t help but think we need to start tightening that budget even more now! Another person to feed will pull even more from our budget and limit our extra’s! To start with the tightening my hubby and I have decided to start using a “cash” system next month. We both think it will help me keep things in check even more.

So do you have 3 kids? How did your life change when you went from 2 to 3?

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6 Responses to “An update…”

  1. Hey, Mom is going to help me make a cash wallet (envelope system wallet). If you want to jump on board of that. Not sure we are going to do it I have to talk to Mom about it more. But just a thought if you are going to cash to help it keep sorted and organized.

  2. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you!!!!! :)
    I hope the morning sickness is short lived.

  3. Congratulations! I have 3 very close together – right now they are 4 years, 22 months, and 8 months. I won’t lie to you, it’s definitely a big change from having 2, and there are days when I am a bit overwhelmed – especially when they are clamoring all at once. But, like everything, you find your “new normal” and it becomes fairly routine most days, and you learn to work around everyone’s needs. And surprisingly, it’s not that big of a financial impact, at least for us it wasn’t. Considering we had our 3rd when our finances due to cutbacks were the worst we had every experienced, and adding a 3rd child in the mix did not break us. So, have a happy healthy 9 months, hope you start feeling good soon, and God bless!!

  4. Congrats! I only have two and thats pretty much it for me… He’s thinking he might want one in a few years, thats so easy for them to say…. lol again, congrats!

  5. Great news! I miss your updates. But I understand needing a break. Take it easy. Three is way harder than 2, but I wouldn’t want to not have my third….he’s a character and a lovely little guy. Don’t be too hard on yourself and accept some help, especially in the beginning. As far as finances go, as long as some hand-me-downs come your way….you should be fine.

  6. Congratulations! I, too, am pregnant with baby #3 due mid January. I’m still couponing, too..just not as hardcore as I was. Nausea doesn’t help! I haven’t done a full grocery shop in about 2 months lol..looking at all of the food makes me feel yucky so I usually end up cutting the trip short. I’m finally starting to feel better, though, and cannot wait to do this week’s grocery shop. It gets better..I promise. Hope you’re feeling better!

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